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Pottery Kit with paint set

Pottery Kit
Pottery Kit with paint set

This pottery kit brings the clay experience to residents. Allowing them to reconnect with the creativity.

Pottery Kit
✔ 2 x Full Bags of locally sourced clay. Enough for 2 people to make 2-4 pieces each
✔ 5 x Pottery Tools
✔ 10 x Carefully curated conversation starter cards
✔ 10 x step by step designs included with your instruction booklet

✔ 10 x Paint Tubes
✔ 1 x Sealant Tube to make sure everything looks neat + waterproof, long term.
✔ 2 x Super high quality, nylon paint brushes
✔ 2 x 100% Eco-Friendly Recycled Planter Pots

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