Why we created
Connect the 40%

Making a difference in the lives of lonely older people in nursing homes.


HelloCare has been elevating the voices of older people  in care for more than 7 years via our online magazine. We created Connect the 40% to combat the growing issue of loneliness and social isolation in our nursing homes.

It's a sad fact that up to 40% of nursing home residents do not receive any visitors. For some residents, this creates a little sadness, others more intense loneliness and social isolation. And some residents  just feel that they don’t receive visitors or acknowledgments as often as they would like, and they would love a little something to brighten their day.

Knowing that loneliness and social isolation impacts the health and longevity of older people, we wanted to do something to make an impact and improve this statistic.

We know that small acts of kindness can make a big difference to all our lives.  Using our deep understanding and experience in the aged care sector and with residents living within it, we have built this platform to literally connect those residents in nursing homes  in need of a boost with kind-hearted people who want to buy a gift or experience to give them just that.

We work with suppliers to curate products and experiences that are well suited to a range of older people's interests and needs. We also work the nursing homes to identify and gain permission from the residents to be involved, and to also make sure that their individual wish lists reflect the resident’s needs, interests and abilities. So you can be sure the gift is meaningful, relevant and will be well received.

Importantly, we will measure the impact of this gifting experience on the older people themselves to understand how their happiness and wellbeing are impacted by the receipt of acknowledgement, gifts and experiences.

We can't wait to share the findings with you.

Getting involved: Thank you for your interest in Connect the 40%. If you are also interested in getting involved either as a supplier of products and experiences, or as a nursing home with residents in your care - just email us at connect40support@hellocare.com.au. We would love to hear from you.