How Connect the 40% works

We aim to make it as easy as possible to make a big difference in an older person's day.

How it works

Our team work closely with nursing homes to identify residents who are in need of a little joy due to not receiving visitors, social isolation or who just need a boost to brighten their day.

We work together to identify gifts and experiences that are matched to the interests, needs and abilities of each resident, and compile them into a custom wish list for each resident. We make that available here on the website.

That's where you generous people come in.

By visiting the site you are able to select a gift or experience and a resident to buy it for.

You can add a personal message that will be included with your gift when it is sent to the resident in their nursing home.

Then the nursing home resident receives the gift and we expect positive emotions of happiness and gratitude to follow!

Please note:

We see this as the first iteration of this project, so this site is a little simpler than other ecommerce websites you may have used.  

For example, you will see that our prices are inclusive of the cost of the product and GST plus any applicable shipping and transaction fees, so there are no additional costs added on in the checkout.  

This makes it simple, but can also make our some prices seem higher at first than they might on other sites.

This project is a for-purpose initiative, but we do need make a small margin to continue to contribute to funding the operations.  But it is definitely not a profit maximising initiative and are working towards Not for Profit status, and currently operate as if we were.

We are focussed on our purpose to improve the lives of older people in care who need it.