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Necklace Magnifier - Gold 4X

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Jewellery that doubles as a Powerful Magnifier
Necklace Magnifier - Gold 4X

Jewellery that doubles as a Powerful Magnifier

  • Eight-karat gold plating; classy and durable
  • Wide two-inch (50mm) glass magnifier with 4x power
  • Accents any outfit - day or night
  • 33 inch twisted rope chain
  • Free cleaning cloth and storage case

This glamorous piece of jewellery will compliment any outfit, for day or night time wearing.

While it's busy earning you praise from your friends, it also pulls double-duty as a powerful 4x glass magnifier

Hanging gracefully from your neck by a long 33 inch, gold plated twisted rope chain, this magnifier will always be handy when you need it.

Or, the extra wide bail on the smooth-finished bezel can accommodate your favourite chain if you prefer

Use the pendant for restaurant menus, theatre programmes, even reading.

Comes with free cleaning cloth and vinyl storage case to keep your pendant magnifier in perfect condition when it's not in use.

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