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Freckled Pup - Interactive Companion Pet

Dementia engagement
This Freckled Puppy offers comfort, joy and will sooth agitation.
Freckled Pup - Interactive Companion Pet

This Freckled Puppy offers comfort, joy, will sooth agitation and provides an opportunity for shared interaction between people of all ages.

The puppy looks, feels, and sounds like a real animal but is so much more than soft fur, soothing breaths, and cheeky barks!

This companion pet from Ageless Innovations responds to petting, hugging and movement, much like the real ones you know and love but doesn't require any special care or feeding. The Freckled Pup will fall asleep after a few minutes of no interaction, but will wake up if you walk by or give a gentle pat. The incredible companion pets also have a mute function, so they can continue to have a comforting heartbeat like vibration and subtle movements without the noise.

These animals have become increasingly popular in private homes, nursing homes and care facilities where people might find it difficult to care for pets or pets may not be permitted.

The companion pets provide happiness, enrichment and company. You'll be surprised how much joy they can bring.

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