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We work with nursing homes to identify residents who need a little joy, and these residents choose a gift or experience. Your donation will be used to cover the cost of the most urgent gift or experience requests.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I choose which resident or gift I want to donate to?

Yes. If you choose to browse by resident, you can browse by gift or experience specifically for the aged care resident of your choice.

Where does my money go if I donate?

Monetary donations will contribute to purchasing gifts and experiences for aged care residents with the most urgent requests. The money gifted goes into a separate Connect the 40% account that we then use this money to pay forward the gift or experience.

Factors that are considered when determining the urgency of residents gift requests are the individual’s age, overall state of health and how long they have been waiting to have a gift/experience paid forward.

If I gift money, will I find out which resident receives my donation?

If you gift a money contribution (eg. choose an amount to donate, rather than a specific resident) you will not see exactly which resident the gift has gone to. However, if you subscribe to our email we will keep you updated on the recent gifts paid forward.

However, if you purchase a gift or experience for an aged care resident in full via their profile - which can be accessed through browse by resident button - you will have an opportunity to write a short message to that particular aged care resident which will be handwritten on a card when they receive your gift or experience purchase. 

Are you a registered charity?

Connect the 40% is currently in the process of becoming a not-for-profit. The decision to launch before securing NFP status was made due to the impact of isolation and loneliness on the Australian aged care population throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. Connect the 40% however does operate as if we are a NFP, and have set-up a separate account to ensure we can pay forward all gifts to residents in need.

Connect the 40% continues to run thanks to the kindness of the general public, and the support/backing from our Founder, and our extended team members (from our parents company) that volunteer their time to ensure that gifts are delivered and experiences are fulfilled.

Can I claim tax deduction?

Unfortunately not at this stage. However we will update this section should things change over the next few months.

Can I send a personal message to the resident I donate to?

Yes. If you choose to browse by resident, you can purchase a gift or experience specifically for the aged care resident of your choice.

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